BNBForms drives profits to small hotel, B&B, and vacation rental websites

BNBforms is a simple yet powerful accommodation booking widget for any website, whether it’s built on WordPress, HTML, Wix or any other platform.

Get a booking widget, channel manager, and property administration system all in one.

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Boost direct bookings with a simple yet powerful booking engine

The BNBForms property booking engine is developed exclusively for the rental business, ranging from small hotels to inns, bed and breakfasts, trailers, boats, apartments and more. Rent out a single or multiple accommodations with ease.

Since it works as a simple code embed, BNBForms is suitable for any website building platform or CMS you might use.

Booking Engine


Place a mobile-friendly booking widget on your website

BNBForms makes booking a one-page operation, which is super handy for all modern travelers. The widget is mobile-friendly allowing website visitors to do a quick property search from any device.

To add a booking widget to your site, you just need to configure your preferences – and the custom code that will be automatically generated.

Booking Widget


Sustainable success with bookings in-synced to multiple OTAs

Want to get bookings from multiple sources, such as, Airbnb or other popular travel agencies? It’s easy to connect all of them with your direct website bookings and keep all of them synced.

BNBforms provides an easy way to set up a smooth connection with third-party platforms thanks to the iCal file format.

Channel Manager


Integrate with popular payment gateways

Make it easy for clients to place a booking and instantly secure it by paying online. Connect Stripe, PayPal, 2Checkout, Braintree in button clicks in your BNBForms dashboard. Ask for a full or deposit payment, and set the latter as a fixed cost or percentage.

You can optionally provide your guests with an option to pay after arrival or make a direct bank transfer.

Online Payment Processing


Improve the trustworthiness with real-time availability calendars

In addition to the common property search form, you can display a real-time availability calendar for every property or hotel room. Being super intuitive, it’ll show booked days marked in red, while available ones are color-coded in green.

It all works automatically, so you never have to check this manually. An up-to-date availability information in real time will always place more trust in your website.

Up-to-date Availability


Get the most of your pricing strategy by setting up tiered rates

Automatically diversify pricing by setting up property rates, seasonal pricing range, and coupon codes. BNBForms makes it easy to create tiers for the rental property cost based on how many people are staying, the lengths of stay, and the amenities offered.

Even more so, you can create custom discount coupons to send to your loyal travelers or advertise them publicly.

Property Rates


Make a property search more convenient by adding custom filters

Go beyond the arrival, departure, and the number of guests fields. Alter the property search form the way you want by adding any type of extra filters. For example, location, bed types, amenities, pet-friendly or any other that works for your business.

This will surely help customers tailor the search further by applying more preferences and speed up the overall booking process.

Booking Widget Filters


Serve those travelers who don’t want to book online

It’s easy for the website manager to add bookings by hand, too, if a customer called or emailed you. Some people are not ready to book online or just want to ask you a question before booking!

You can add a booking as an admin in clicks from the backend dashboard.
It’s also easy to change dates, switch rooms, or edit services for any confirmed booking on the admin’s side.

Add Reservations Manually


Get better business insights with the analytics and measurement tools

Measure your hotel or vacation rental revenue, the number of bookings during a certain period of time, how much you earn from services or lose from canceled bookings.

Built-in charts and graphs will show you all this data in the up-to-date graphical representation. Download the data in CSV reports in clicks to keep it elsewhere in Google Sheets or Excel.

Analytics Dashboard


Automate all essential booking emails, inbound and outbound

BNBForms allows you to build branded email templates that will be sent out automatically to your guests upon various interactions – confirming or canceling a booking, etc. Thanks to the handy email builder, include all the necessary client or booking data in various types of letters.

It’s a two-way system that means you can create and customize emails for both clients and the admin staff.

Client Communication


Upsell more by offering guests to purchase extras

Offer an airport shuttle, childcare, or an access to a swimming pool for some extra fee. There is a simple mechanism to sell more offerings along with the regular rental cost; per guest or property, once or per day.

Since you can set the price of your offers to zero as well, guests can have an option to add free services to cart, which is a great way to make people love your property even more!

Upsell Extra Services