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Sign up to this service, get access to your personal dashboard and start earning straight away. Increase direct bookings on your own website.

2customize your widget

Add accommodation types, amenities and extras. Add seasonal pricing and rates. Configure settings and payments. Customize your hotel booking form.

3add widget to your website

Grab a widget code snippet and add it to your website. Depending on a CMS you use, there are several ways to integrate the widget.

4manage bookings

Edit booking details, send automated emails, view bookings in a calendar. Automatically share your property availability data with travel platforms, including Airbnb.

BNBForms Booking Widget
Helps Property Owners:

Increase direct bookings and visibility

Get more independent from third-party travel companies

Save time with automated bookings

Get free from per-property or per-booking commissions

Boost revenue

Earn loyalty from travelers

Vacation Rental & Hotel Booking Form for Any Property

Hotels & BnBs
Hotels & BnBs
Vacation Rentals
Vacation Rentals
Why Trust BNBForms Booking Form?

Why Trust BNBForms
Booking Form?

  • Based on the popular software

    This service is based on our own booking solution

  • 4+ years on the market

    Our solutions for rental properties are used by thousands of property owners like you

  • Proved to work with any property

    For B&Bs, hotels, and villas

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Trusted Pricing Technology.
Your Business, Your Revenue.

  • We don’t take any commissions on your bookings

    Take as many bookings as possible

  • We don’t take any commissions on your properties

    The booking form will work with unlimited accommodations

  • Fixed subscription fee

    Choose what you want to pay for

BNBForms dashboard

BNBForms Allows You to Create a Booking System

Reservations, Accounting, Reports, Guest Management

Connect Unlimited Properties

Add and connect unlimited properties to your reservation forms

Add Pricing Rates & Inventory

Set up a flexible pricing strategy to bend to a specific season or condition.

Accept Automated Bookings

Instant bookings upon payment or manual confirmation.

Create Flexible Booking Rules

Temporarily take properties out of bookings, set stay and arrival/departure requirements.

Manage Bookings with Ease

View payment history, edit bookings, set up automated emails.

Sync Bookings to OTAs

Share your availability data with travel platforms like Airbnb via iCal.

iCal Channel Manager: Sync Booking to Travel Platforms

iCal Channel Manager: Sync Booking to Travel Platforms

Connect your independent hotel website to external travel platforms guests usually use for search, such as Airbnb. Manage reservations from all platforms on your website

  • Automated two-way bookings sync with Airbnb, Booking.com, TripAdvisor and other OTAs that support iCal
  • Sync and manage bookings via Google Calendar
  • Connect and manage bookings with your Apple Calendar

Easy Tired Pricing for Each Accommodation

Per-person rates
Rates based on the
length of stay
Rates based on the amenities or extras
Custom discounts

Accept Payments Online
or After Arrival

direct bank transfer
pay on arrival

Manage Online Booking Form & Reservations in One Account

All the accommodations, bookings and settings can be easily managed from a single account you create with the BNBForms Booking Form Widget. Payment history, client details, payment gateways and more.

Get Started

Manage Online Booking Form & Reservations in One Account

Reservation Form Widget FAQ

Is it a booking widget for WordPress?
No, this booking form widget will work for any website powered by any platform. Although by creating an account with BNBForms you’ll manage bookings and accommodations in an external WordPress-based platform, you can paste the booking widget as a code snippet into any website.
How do I connect accommodations on my site to a booking widget?
When creating an account with BNBforms, you’ll need to add property types, availability data, pricing and configure other settings. When you’ll be generating a code snippet for a widget, all this data will be included.
Is it difficult to create booking forms?
No, you’ll be able to manage all the settings in a user-friendly interface in your BNBForms account. No technical skills are required.
Can I edit booking form fields?
Yes, you can add, delete or rename default booking widget fields (except for the arrival and departure date fields).
What payment methods can I use?
You can enable PayPal, 2Checkout, Braintree, Stripe, or Beanstream/Bambora. Guests can also pay you after arrival or via a direct bank transfer. You can charge a full price or deposit.