Channel Manager


Get booked everywhere & sync all bookings automatically

BNBForms allows for all your bookings to be automatically synced across all the travel and reservation portals you use. The platform generates unique calendars with the availability data to export to external travel platforms and gives you an easy way to import them from OTAs.

Connect to OTAs via iCal

BNBForms supports iCal file format recognizable around the most popular calendar applications in the world. It’s also supported by travel platforms, such as, Airbnb, and others.

Apple Calendar and Google Calendar

iCal support also means you can sync bookings to your Google or Apple calendar and have all your bookings at hand.

Two-way sync in almost real time

You can set up how often the sync process must be performed, and the bookings will be synced automatically, exchanging the availability data in two ways.

No fee per listing or per channel

No extra cost, no sales channel commission. Connecting a channel manager is a free solution with BNBForms, no need to pay extra for the connection, bookings or properties.