How to add BNBForms widget in Joomla

Follow these steps to add the BNBForms booking widget to your Joomla website:

  1. Go to your BNBForms dashboard > Widget Script > Copy the embed script.
  2. Go to your Joomla home dashboard.
  3. 1 joomla booking calendar

  4. Navigate to the System menu.
  5. 2-joomla-booking-extension

  6. Choose Site templates > pick the Joomla template you are using/your site.
  7. 3-joomla-booking-template

  8. Go to the Editor > Select the index.php file.
  9. 4-joomla-extension-hotel-booking

  10. Paste the copied BNBForms code script to the very bottom:
  11. 5-embed-code-joomla

    Like so:


The Book Now button and the booking widget are added: