How to add BNBForms widget in Shopify

Follow these steps to add the BNBForms booking widget to your Shopify website:

  1. Log into your Shopify site admin account.
  2. Choose the site you want to add the widget to.
  3. Go to “Online Store” > your current theme > click “Actions” > click “Edit code”.
  4. edit-code-shopify

  5. Go to the BNBForms dashboard > Widget Script > copy the script
  6. copy script

  7. Find the theme.liquid code > paste the script at the end of the head or body tag in your Shopify account> save changes.
  8. shopify-booking-button

  9. Go to Shopify preview to test if the booking widget appears and works properly.
  10. shopify-booking-for-hotels

  11. The Book Now button must appear.
  12. 1-shopify-booking-system