Quick start guide

If you’ve just registered an account with BNBForms, this guide will help you set up the system.

  1. Go to Accommodation > Accommodation Types.

    Here you will see one or several accommodation types that were created for you as a demo. You can edit or remove these accommodation types according to your needs. Each accommodation type has its name, description, images, amenities, parameters and services.

    If you edit demo accommodation types, make sure that the number of physical accommodations of each type is correct. You can see and edit physical accommodations at Accommodation > Accommodations.

  2. Go to Accommodation > Add Accommodation type to add new Accommodation type.

    Add a property name, description, images, amenities and optional services available (click +Add New Service if your list is empty). Here you can also add property amenities (free in-room facilities; click +Add New Amenity if your list is empty), bed types (click Set bed types list in settings if your list is empty), view, categories, and other details of a property type.

    Navigate to the Generate accommodations menu to automatically add the desired number of physical accommodations of the same type.

  3. Go to Accommodation > Services.

    Here you can optionally add and customize a list of extra services you want to offer at checkout.

  4. Go to Accommodation > Seasons.

    Add any time periods that will be different in pricing.

  5. Go to Accommodation > Rates.

    Add pricing rates based on different pricing rules (e.g. breakfast included, refundable, non-refundable).

  6. Go to Accommodation > Settings.

    When you create an account, all system pages, such as Search Results, Search Availability, Complete Booking, Booking Confirmation, Booking Cancellation pages should be installed automatically.

    Go through the reset of the configuration menus to set up your preferences. Make sure to set up Payment Gateways if you want to accept online payments.

  7. Go to Bookings > Booking rules.

    Set up the rules, such as minimum/maximum days to stay, add booking buffers, etc.

  8. Go to Bookings > Taxes & Fees.

    Optionally add obligatory taxes and fees that will be added to the base property rate.

  9. Go to Bookings > Coupons.

    Optionally create coupon codes. To make them work on your site, go to Settings > Misc > Enable the use of coupons.

  10. Go to Accommodation > Attributes.

    Add custom extra fields / filters to the booking widget.

  11. Go to Appearance > Customize > Colors.

    Optionally change the color scheme of your BNBForms booking widget.

  12. Go to Appearance > Customize > Menus.

    Here you can change the order of the menus / their labels that appear at the bottom of the booking widget.

  13. Go to BNBForms dashboard > Widget script.

    Copy the script and paste it to your website according to your CMS (find tutorials for different platforms in the same menu). Enable Test Mode if you want to temporarily hide the booking widget while customizing and testing it on your up-and-running website.

To manage your bookings, payments and customers go to the Bookings menu.