How to enable Test Mode for BNBForms widget

Test Mode in BNBForms allows you to hide the booking widget from the site visitors, enabling only you as a website admin to see it. This is a great option if you want to temporarily hide the booking widget while customizing and testing it on your up-and-running website.

How to turn on Test Mode

  1. Open your account Dashboard.
  2. Click on the Widget Script button from the top admin bar.
  3. Click “Enable Test Mode”.
  4. Go to the “Copy booking widget script” section and copy the code.
  5. Go to your website and replace the code / or paste it for the first time. See how to do it for different website platforms.
  6. Go back to the BNBForms dashboard and insert the address of your site to the “Your site URL” field, then click “Preview”.

How to turn off Test Mode

To disable Test Mode and make the booking widget visible for everyone on your website

  1. Uncheck “Enable Test Mode”.
  2. Replace the booking widget script on your website with the newly generated one in the “Copy booking widget script” section.