How to open the booking widget by any website button or link

To open the widget by any of your custom buttons or links, you need to add the custom CSS class bnbforms-bookingwidget-button to the preferable button or link on your website.

For example: by clicking on this button with the custom class added, the booking widget will be opened.

book now button custom class bnbforms

You might want to hide the Book Now button in case, for example, you want to use any other website button for opening the Book Now widget by BNBForms.

# How to open a certain page in the booking widget

To enable site visitors to open a certain page in the booking widget by clicking on Book Now, you need to add the bnbforms-bookingwidget-button CSS class together with href attribute as the URL from your BNBForms account page.

Example for opening the Comfort Triple Room accommodation details:

<a class="bnbforms-bookingwidget-button" 
href="">Book Now</a>

Data-attribute is also supported. You may add data-bnbforms-src attribute to open a certain page. Example:

<button class="bnbforms-bookingwidget-button" 
data-bnbforms-src="">Book Now</button>