Property Rates


Flexible pricing ranges based on different conditions

Get the most out of your flexible pricing strategy by setting up custom rates. Win guest’s loyalty with custom discount coupons. BNBForms gives you a lot of awesome tools for that.

Apply seasonal prices

Add various periods of time when prices must automatically change based on the needed conditions, for example, holiday periods, low or high seasons, etc. You can further diversify pricing based on the property types.

Diversify rates by the number of guests

BNBForms makes it possible to bend the seasonal cost for accommodations based on how many guests are staying.

Discounts on the length of stay

Provide automatic discounts based on how many nights were booked.

Custom discounts

Send custom discount coupons in emails, display in promo banners, or use them in any other way. BNBForms arms you with a user-friendly discount builder, which allows for coupons personalized based on a certain percent, per-stay, or per-day value.