Add Reservations Manually


Add bookings by hand, track their history, and more

Keep all the booking and customer records paperless, whether the reservation was submitted through your website or added by your staff members manually.

Add reservations by hand

For those prospects who are not ready to book online, you can add booking details manually, using just the same handy tools as on the website. The guest can pay later after arrival or use a direct bank transfer.

Edit bookings

If you want to alter details of the existing bookings, you can easily switch booked rooms, change dates, change a booking status, as well as add or remove added services. You can also update customer’s information and more.

Add customer notes

To keep track of every booking, you can add custom notes, whether it’s specific customer recommendations or what should be performed by your staff.

Track the history of changes in the booking

There is a history of changes for each reservation, so you can always see the up-to-date information on what was updated (e.g. a booking status) and who made the change.

Add payment manually

If a customer transferred the money for their booking in a way other than your website payment gateways, you can add those reservations manually! You can even choose a coupon code that must be applied to the reservation’s cost.