Hotel invoice generator.

Simplify Billing with Automated Hotel Invoice Generator in BNBForms

Do you want to send automated PDF invoices to guests upon a booking confirmation in your hotel or vacation rental? You can do that easily in your BNBForms account.

In the BNBForms hotel invoice generator toolkit, booking invoices are treated as an optional ‘extension’ – you may or may not send them to clients.

So if you need them, you can enable the invoice sending option from the Extensions menu on BNBForms.

💡 Where to find invoice settings? BNBForms > Accommodation > Settings > Extensions > Invoices.

Hotel invoice generator.

This free hotel invoice generator extension emails PDF invoices directly to your guests, customizable for each booking and sent automatically after the booking submission. In the BNBForms backoffice, you can view and download invoices, or print them anytime with your preferable software.

To use this hotel invoice software, you must have a free or paid BNBForms account. Your customized hotel invoice is sent when a booking is made via the BNBForms booking form: View Demo. You can place this form on any website - Wix, WordPress, GoDaddy, Webflow, Jimdo, etc.

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Brand and customize your hotel invoice template

In the hotel Invoices menu, there are several options that allow you to alter the appearance of the email template.

Hotel invoice software.

In the respective fields of the hotel bill generator, you can:

  • Include hotel name and information;
  • Upload hotel logo;
  • Add legal company information;
  • Add an invoice title;
  • Choose a font for a PDF invoice.

The associated booking ID is automatically added to the invoice. So you don’t need to connect any third-party hotel invoice maker!

Turn on automated attachment of PDF invoices to guest emails

Having customized an invoice template, your next step is to ensure that it will be sent to every guest without manual control on your side.

All you need to do is to insert the PDF invoice tag in the Booking Confirmed email template:

💡 How to automate invoices in emails? BNBForms > Settings > Customer Emails > Approved Booking Email template > insert the %pdf_invoice% tag to the preferred part of the email template.

Hotel invoice generator in PDF.

Let the addon handle the rest! No manual work needed.

Hotel invoice format pdf.
Hotel invoice format PDF.

If you insert the hotel receipt maker tag, an invoice will be included as an attachment to the email with the confirmed booking details.

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Enable guests to download invoices right from the booking confirmed page

There is a dedicated opinion in the Invoices addon settings that says ‘Add a link to a PDF invoice to the booking confirmation page on your site.’

You may want to enable this if you want your guests to download an invoice right from the page on your website where they finish the reservation process.

Access, download, and print invoices with the free hotel invoice generator dashboard

Your BNBForms dashboard gives you instant access to every unique PDF invoice, past and present.

Hotel invoice software.

Download one, resend another, or print them on the fly – all with a few clicks in your preferable PDF software. Plus, they automatically update with any booking or payment changes, ensuring you always have accurate records. For example, if a guest paid just a partial payment and later settled the rest, the invoice will reflect the latest update.

💡 How to download invoices as an admin? Go to the Bookings menu > choose a booking > click Generate Invoice.

Invoice maker for vacation rental.

Please note: invoices are generated even for unpaid bookings. In this case, an invoice displayed how much a client needs to pay.

PDF hotel invoice generator.

Invoices serve as a crucial part of a hotel’s or vacation rental financial record keeping. They document each transaction, providing a clear and organized history of all bookings and services rendered. Start sending automated PDF invoices to your guests for free with the BNBForms free hotel bill generator feature!

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