How to automate PDF invoices

Using the automated PDF hotel invoice maker in BNBForms, you can send your guests invoices attached to booking details emails.

Hotel invoice format pdf.

Hotel invoice generator capabilities

  • This extension automatically emails customized PDF invoices to guests upon booking submission, even if the booking is not paid/confirmed yet.
  • Access and manage invoices within the BNBForms backoffice, supporting viewing, downloading, and printing with your preferred PDF editor.

Enabling invoice sending

Hotel invoice generator.

  • Visit: BNBForms > Accommodation > Settings > Extensions > Invoices.
  • Set up your customization options and click ‘Save’.

Customization options

Hotel invoice software.

  • Tailor the appearance of your invoices in the Invoices menu.
  • Personalize fields such as company name, logo, legal information, invoice title, and font for a polished PDF invoice.
  • Allow guests to download invoices directly from the booking confirmation page by enabling the dedicated option.

Include invoices into emails

Hotel invoice generator in PDF.

Ensure automated attachment of PDF invoices to guest emails by inserting the %pdf_invoice% tag in the Booking Confirmed email template.

Find the template at BNBForms > Settings > Customer Emails > Approved Booking Email template.

No matter where you inset the tag, guests will receive an invoice as a standard attachment in the email.

Hotel invoice maker online.

Manage invoices from the backoffice

Invoice maker for vacation rental.

Instantly access and manage every unique PDF invoice, past and present, on your BNBForms dashboard.

  • Download invoices as an admin by navigating to the Bookings menu, choosing a booking, and clicking on the Generate Invoice option.
  • Download, resend, or print invoices seamlessly with a few clicks in your preferred PDF software.

Real-time updates for accuracy

Invoices automatically update with any booking or payment changes. Example: If a guest pays a partial amount initially and settles the rest later, the invoice reflects the latest update.

Note: Invoices are generated even for unpaid bookings, displaying the amount due for client reference.

PDF hotel invoice generator.