How to master booking inquiries: admin approval for hosts

In response to some recent queries about booking inquiries, we thought it would be helpful to shed some light on the process and provide guidance for a smoother reservation experience.

Booking inquiries are essential for effective communication in various scenarios. They assist in accommodating special requests, addressing group needs, and clarifying property policies.

Understanding Confirmation by Admin mode

BNBForms offer the option of “confirmation by admin mode.” This means that your valued guests can send you a reservation request, putting you in control to either approve or decline it.

Booking Confirmation Mode

How to manage booking inquiries

  1. Receive Reservation Request.
    Your guests will initiate the booking process by sending a reservation request through our user-friendly booking form.
  2. Review Reservation Request.
    As the admin, you can access the reservation details and make an informed decision.Booking Confirmation by Admin
  3. Choose Approval or Decline.
    Based on your availability and preferences, you have the flexibility to approve or decline the reservation request.Approve or decline reservation request
  4. Communicate with Guests.
    Utilize our platform’s communication features to interact with guests, seek additional information if needed, or simply confirm the booking details.

We understand the importance of a hassle-free reservation process for both hosts and guests. By having the ability to review and confirm bookings, you can ensure that your property or service aligns perfectly with your guests’ expectations.