Best cleaning app services.

Best Cleaning Apps & Services for Vacation Rentals

Are you looking for a way to have your rental property clean and maintained? With short-term rental cleaning services being trickier to handle than those of a hotel, this task can be quite challenging. Luckily, there are apps and services designed to simplify and streamline the process. As a result, you don’t need to control all of it by yourself. In today’s article, we’ll take a look at some popular short-term rental cleaner solutions to make cleaning your STRs a smooth and trouble-free experience.

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Before we start, here are the top 5 solutions that can easily enhance your property cleaning management:

NameLaunched inRating
Operto Teams20234,9

Top 10 Vacation Rental Cleaning Apps and Their Features

A cleaning services app provides a property owner with all the necessary tools to schedule, control, and automate core processes needed to keep your property clean. By combining planning and real-time tracking features, such software helps you to save a lot of time spent on manual performing of the mentioned tasks. Moreover, if you own several properties that are distant from each other, the role of using cleaning management software only increases. Here are the main features such an app needs to have:

  • Tracking of property unit status: Modern cleaning apps allow you to stay updated on how clean your property units are. This information is changed in real time so that you can easily decide what rooms need to be cleaned first.
  • Staff communication: Keeping in touch with your employees is also an important part of STR management. Cleaning apps can help with this aspect of your business, too. By communicating with the employees responsible for housekeeping, you can make sure the cleaning tasks are performed on time and before the guests arrive, keeping the latter satisfied.
  • Workload balancing: Another useful feature of a vacation rental cleaner app is connected with workload distribution. By balancing the amount of work needed to keep your property clean, you will not only keep your guests happy but also your employees pleased without overloading them with unnecessary tasks.
  • Maintenance schedule: Just like a hotel, a short-term rental property may face the need for urgent maintenance now and then. Apps used for short-term rental cleaning services can keep track of it and help you plan any required maintenance.

In addition to these features, a suitable application for controlling cleaning processes needs to provide integrations for property management systems and channel managers. This will help property owners ensure the smooth functioning of all parts of a short-term rental business. Furthermore, it will simplify various time-consuming tasks and help you perform them easily without any extra effort. Now, let’s explore the top 10 vacation rental housekeeping apps and services that will be of great use to your property management.

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1. Breezeway

Picture of Breezeway, one of the online apps providing short-term rental cleaning services with analytics & inventory tracking.

Breezeway is an all-in-one platform for short-term rental property owners providing them with a variety of tools for property care and maintenance. Additionally, this solution is the right choice when you need to establish effective communication with guests. The Breezeway developers provide a tailor-made online automation and property control platform that helps your STR business so to check it out for yourself, you’ll need to request a demo providing some basic data.

Key features:

  • Task scheduling & automation;
  • Work coordination;
  • Guest messaging;
  • Property inspection;
  • Analytics & inventory tracking.
NameDeveloperPriceBest for
BreezewayBreezewayQuotation-basedMaintenance & cleaning task management

2. Operto Teams

Photo of Operto Teams, a maintenance & cleaning automation software with automated task scheduling & payroll reports.

Operto Teams is a short-term rental cleaning services app that provides customized maintenance & care solutions for your vacation rental business. The provided software for bed and breakfast combines cleaning automation with maintenance issue tracking. Moreover, it allows you to sync property details with popular reservation channels, such as Airbnb or VRBO to provide a pleasant guest experience at all times. Similar to Breezeway, this solution requires a quote to get started. However, this platform is also known to offer a pricing option of $70 per month for up to 10 properties.

Key features:

  • Customizable owner dashboards;
  • Real-time tracking of property maintenance status;
  • Forecasting of linen & laundry;
  • Automated task scheduling & payroll reports;
  • Configurable cleaning checklists for each property.
NameDeveloperPriceBest for
OpertoOperto Guest Technologiesfrom $70/moAutomation of property care & maintenance


Photograph of TIDY, one of the online apps providing short-term rental cleaning services with integrated AI tools for insights & suggestions.

The next short-term rental cleaning service on our list, TIDY, provides simple yet highly effective tools for automating the cleaning & maintenance of your property. Fully integrated with the majority of popular property management tools, this solution can help you supercharge your STR business by saving time on routine cleaning & preventative maintenance tasks. Besides, unlike previously mentioned platforms, TIDY offers a free pricing plan, which is a great starting point if you own a single property.

Key features:

  • Digital cleaning checklists
  • Integrated AI tools for insights & suggestions;
  • Automatic job scheduling for property maintenance;
  • Simple & fast search of cleaning service vendors.
NameDeveloperPriceBest for
TIDYTidy Services Inc.Free or from $3/unit/moCleaning task management

4. Turno

Graphic of Turno, an online platform for cleaning task scheduling with automatic calendar sync.

Turno (formerly Turnover BnB) is an online platform for searching for short-term rental cleaning services that also help with scheduling and tracking related tasks. Just like many popular solutions it provides ready-made tools for integrating with your property management tools and booking platforms. For vacation rental hosts, Turno provides a wide range of features for planning, performing, and paying for property cleaning services. This Airbnb cleaning app also offers a free plan even if you manage more than one rental property.

Key features:

  • Efficient cleaning scheduling;
  • Automatic calendar sync with Airbnb & VRBO reservations;
  • Quick & automatic payment management system;
  • Mobile app for hosts to manage cleaning tasks on the go.
NameDeveloperPriceBest for
TurnoTurnoFree or from $8/mo per propertyConnecting hosts and cleaners within a single application

5. Doinn

Representation of Doinn, one of the online apps providing short-term rental cleaning services with a variety of integrations.

Moving to our next cleaning services app, Doinn, we must mention how easily it deals with seemingly complex property maintenance tasks. Being a modern solution for automating various processes at your short-term rental properties, this platform improves the productivity of your employees and the experience of your guests by applying AI & cutting-edge scheduling tools. It also helps with outsourcing the cleaning jobs that a property owner often needs help with. Depending on your needs, Doinn provides scalable pricing plans starting from 5€ per month without limiting your STR business’s performance.

Key features:

  • Effective rostering & scheduling;
  • Built-in forecasting & analytics functionality;
  • A variety of integrations (OTAs and channel managers);
  • QA and employee communication tools.
NameDeveloperPriceBest for
DoinnDoinn S.A. from 5€/moEffective task management and automation for STRs

6. Properly

Visual of Properly, a flexible tool for quality assurance of rental properties with easy access to the service provider catalog.

If you are looking for an all-inclusive Airbnb cleaning app to keep your property clean and manage it successfully, take a look at Properly. It provides a vast set of tools to manage your properties and organize vacation rental housekeeping. As one of the popular short-term rental cleaning services apps, this solution provides a wide range of options for real-time quality assurance & inspection for just $12 per month for one property. Also, if you’re comparing TurnoverBNB vs Properly, you may want to try all of the features the latter provides for 30 days for free.

Key features:

  • Remote property inspection;
  • Quality management tools;
  • Easy access to service provider catalog;
  • Knowledge base for beginner property hosts.
NameDeveloperPriceBest for
ProperlyProperlyfrom $12/mo per propertyTask planning and online communication between hosts and cleaners

7. EZCare

Illustration of EZCare, one of the online apps providing short-term rental cleaning services with centralized communication for employees.

For those rental property owners who are looking for a scalable & reliable Airbnb cleaning management app, we recommend using EZCare. This is one of the few platforms that allows you to get a free trial before choosing a suitable pricing plan. Moreover, it provides all the necessary tools for automated job scheduling, increased property management efficiency, and issue reporting.

Key features:

  • Smooth workflow that connects cleaning, inspection, and maintenance;
  • Easy inventory tracking & management;
  • Centralized communication for employees;
  • Mobile app for field staff.
NameDeveloperPriceBest for
EZCareHarmonisoft, Inc.Quotation-based, from $59/moScheduling cleaning & maintenance jobs for STRs

8. MaidThis

Image of MaidThis, an online platform for finding cleaning services vendors with integrated inspection reporting tools.

In case you’re looking for short-term rental cleaning services rather than automated maintenance scheduling, MaidThis may be a suitable option for you. It’s a referral agency created to help property owners find vacation rental cleaners. Using a location-based search system, the platform allows you to easily find the right vacation rental cleaning company and schedule cleanings automatically. Prices for the cleaning services start from $125 per 1,000 sq. ft. though they may vary in different states.

Key features:

  • Auto-scheduling with support of popular OTAs;
  • Integrated inspection reporting tools;
  • A wide range of supported cleaning services;
  • Experienced cleaning service providers.
NameDeveloperPriceBest for
MaidThisMaidThisfrom $125Cleaning service planning & provider search

9. Handy

Portrait of Handy, one of the online apps providing short-term rental cleaning services with a variety of available service categories.

Another platform providing professional vacation home cleaning service vendors is Handy. To get started with it, you need to set up a cleaning plan first. After choosing a cleaning professional, you can easily reschedule the visits of vacation rental cleaners if necessary. Handy also allows for quick and easy tipping using the online tools integrated with the platform. Depending on your location and needs, prices for cleaning and maintenance services may vary, so we recommend you check it out for yourself.

Key features:

  • Quick service provider search;
  • A variety of available service categories;
  • Mobile app for iOS & Android;
  • Screened and vetted cleaning professionals.
NameDeveloperPriceBest for
HandyHandyQuotation-basedOnline search of cleaning & maintenance service providers

10. Airtasker

Figure of Airtasker, an app for contacting cleaning and maintenance professionals with secure payment processing.

Airtasker is a platform providing short-term rental cleaning services performed by professionals. Whether you manage a single property or need complex maintenance services for multiple ones, you’ll surely find the right specialist with the help of this solution. From setting your budget to receiving quotes from local pros, the process of using Airtasker is quite straightforward. It also is free to post a request for cleaning or maintenance service. This makes the mentioned platform a great tool for contacting a vacation rental cleaning company or vendor if you’re not ready to invest in something more complex.

Key features:

  • Quick and simple cleaning task creation;
  • Secure payment processing;
  • Ratings and reviews for effective cleaning vendor search;
  • Diverse service categories.
NameDeveloperPriceBest for
AirtaskerAirtasker Pty. Ltd Quotation-basedService provider search


With multiple short-term rental cleaning services apps, keeping track of your properties becomes a lot easier. For vacation rental businesses of diverse sizes, such solutions provide numerous advantages. Whether you’re looking for a way to automate your daily cleaning tasks or need to achieve better efficiency in maintenance management, using any of the mentioned software and services can save you time and greatly increase guest satisfaction. Some of the additional benefits for STRs include:

  • Prioritizing tasks for keeping your property maintained;
  • Scalability for future short-term rental business;
  • Easy integration with popular property management software;
  • Analytics for performance control.