hotel registration card templates

Hotel Reservation Cards for Your Website

Do you need a free and easy-to-fill-in template for a hotel registration card? This article has got you covered! We’ve prepared three well-designed hotel reservation cards you can use even if you don’t have a BNBForms subscription. It takes a few clicks to download and customize them according to your aesthetic preferences and hotel policy.

These hotel registration form templates were developed with standard forms filled in upon arrival in mind. As the fields are customizable, cards work perfectly for any rental property business.

While working in Figma, you’re allowed to add, delete or rename the hotel check in form fields. Also, it’s possible to upload your logo and choose colors. You can export forms as PDF files and print them out (by default, they are available in A4 format).

Follow one of the links under templates to download them at no cost!

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Hotel Registration Card #1: minimalistic design with hotel policy

hotel registration card template 1

This printable hotel guest registration form template, free to download, includes the main fields and a hotel reservation policy section. The structure is uncomplicated. All the fields are easy-to-customize. For example, you can change the title, labels, fonts, etc. Use the default toolkit to modify the logo or upload a custom image.

Hotel Registration Card #2: well-structured design, checkboxes included

hotel registration card template 2

It should be easy for guests to fill in this hotel registration card following different semantic groups. Similar to the previous template, this reservation card can be customized in a matter of clicks.

Hotel Registration Card #3: complex design, with additional fields

hotel registration card template 3

This detailed free printable registration form template enables you to request any extra information from your guests via dedicated fields. It is divided into different sections you can customize with ease.

Download these templates in Figma and start customizing them!

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How to Customize Hotel Registration Cards in Figma?

We have a little guide for you in case you’re unfamiliar with Figma. You should take the following steps:

1. Create a free account. Continue with your Google mail account for registration or type your mail and password. Sign up with Figma.

2. Follow the link to open our free hotel registration card templates.

3. Duplicate the templates to the Drafts in your personal Figma account via the ‘Forms’ area.

4. In your Figma account, find the file in the Recent files or in Drafts. Click on it for further editing.

5. Choose the preferred hotel registration form template and customize its elements (colors, fonts, labels, etc.).

Let’s dive into some examples!

How to edit a hotel checking-in form title?

You should click twice on the title and type a new one.

how to change title

How to change the background color?

Click once on the colored section > find the ‘Design’ tab > scroll to the ‘Selection colors’ subtab > pick up color > paste the color code of the required color.

how to change background color

How to edit a hotel reservation card logo?

You can either use the default instruments to change text and decoration or upload a media file.

how to edit hotel registration card logo

How to change fonts?

You should click twice on the text > Design > Text area (font).

how to change fonts

How to edit field titles?

You should click twice on the title > unlock it > start typing a new label.

how to change field labels

Once all the edits are made, select the required file and click on ‘Export’. Choose ‘PDF’ to download the card as a PDF file and print it out.

export hotel registration card in pdf

There is a set of video tutorials to get started with Figma that might come in handy for you.

To Wrap Up & Help You Choose a Hotel Reservation Template

So, you are free to use one of the hotel registration card templates to speed up check-in and get all the necessary info from the guests. Which template do you find the most suitable for your business? Share your thoughts in the comments!