How to Add Hotel Booking Forms to a Website?

Are you a hotel or rental property owner keen to add booking forms to your website? No matter which CMS your site is based on, we have a versatile solution for you! This article has got you covered, as you’ll learn how to embed a reservation widget for website step-by-step. It is provided by BNBForms….

Hotel Reservation Cards for Your Website

Do you need a free and easy-to-fill-in template for a hotel registration card? This article has got you covered! We’ve prepared three well-designed hotel reservation cards you can use even if you don’t have a BNBForms subscription. It takes a few clicks to download and customize them according to your aesthetic preferences and hotel policy….

What Is a Reservation System for Hotel and Vacation Rentals?

The latest surveys show that the popularity of a reservation system for hotel websites among guests is growing. They choose this channel because it ensures a fast and hassle-free reservation process. Since there is a difference between booking via online travel agents (OTAs) and dedicated software, we are going to:  go into detail about a…

How to Create a Perfect Online Hotel Booking System on Your Current Website?

These days, it’s essential for hotel or property owners to build the online presence of their business. However, beautiful photos and detailed descriptions aren’t enough. You should allow your guest to book accommodations directly on the site. We’re going to tell you how to create a top-notch online hotel booking system in a matter of…

eCommerce Booking System That Suits Any CMS

When you think of “an e-commerce website”, such online retail sites as Amazon or eBay might first spring to mind. But have you ever thought of your rental property website as a site with an eCommerce booking system? eCommerce refers to buying and selling goods and services over the Internet. Every hotel, B&B, or campsite…