Direct bank transfer payment method

The Direct bank transfer method allows your customers to make a booking without an instant online payment.

The booking must be paid outside BNBForms, for example, by a direct money transfer to your card.

Navigate to Accommodation > Settings > Payment gateways > Direct Bank Transfer tab.

direct bank transfer

    General settings of the payment method

    Tick ‘Enable Direct Bank Transfer’ to enable this method and offer it at checkout to your customers.

    Include a clear title for the method and write payment instructions along with a detailed method description.

    In the dedicated ‘Instructions’ section, provide a text that will help your clients better understand the payment process.

    Activate or deactivate the automatic abandonment of unpaid bookings.

    Direct bank transfer settings.

    You can use the direct bank transfer method with or without automatic abandonment of not-yet-paid bookings. This is how these methods work:

    Auto-abandonment of a booking is deactivated.

    If you have disabled the ‘Enable Auto-abandonment’ option, remember that you need to monitor whether the bookings have been paid.

    • The default payment status: ‘On hold’. This means that the accommodation is booked and the payment is awaited.
    • The default booking status: ‘Pending admin’.
    • You are required to manually update the payment status to ‘Completed’ once you receive payment from a guest. If you do not receive payment, you should update the status to an appropriate alternative.
    • If you set the payment status to ‘Completed’, the booking status changes to ‘Confirmed’.

    Auto-abandonment of a booking is activated.

    By enabling this option, you set a certain timeframe for a booking to be paid, and automatically abandon their reservation if the booking remains unpaid within a set timeframe.

    Enabling the option is a straightforward process: simply check the corresponding box and set the time frame in hours.

    • The default booking status: ‘Pending Payment’.
    • The default payment status: ‘Pending’.
    • You are required to manually update the payment status to ‘Completed’ once you receive payment from a guest. If you do not receive payment, a booking is abandoned and a booking slot is released automatically.

    Payment instructions email

    Payment instructions template.

    Optionally use the Payment Instructions email to further send your guests detailed instructions on how to pay, how much time they have to pay, etc.

    Regardless of whether you utilize auto-abandonment of unpaid bookings, you can still send out this email.

    To enable it, check the appropriate box. You can add text content and automated tags to the email.

    Note: the %payment_instructions% tag retrieves data from the Instructions field in the Direct Bank Transfer settings.