Why You Should Put An Online Booking Form On Website

10 Reasons Why You Should Put An Online Booking Form On Website

According to the official survey, 88% of Americans preferred using an online channel instead of traditional hotel booking (phone). Respondents acknowledged that “online booking is easier, cheaper, and does not imply any human interaction”.

A top-notch online booking form will set you off to the 21st century. It stands behind a smooth and personalized customer journey. What’s more, owners of hotel websites no longer need to have advanced coding skills to build the system from scratch. Instead, they can easily create a hotel booking form with BNBForms.

In general, BNBForms help you accept & manage rental payments online. It comes as a customizable widget that you may add to ANY website, whether it’s based on WordPress, Wix, Joomla, etc.

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Somehow, a certain number of business owners are still skeptical about online bookings and everything standing behind this process. Can it really facilitate the business process? Is it convenient for users to make bookings online?

Both questions have an obvious YES. And below are the top 10 reasons why:

Quick Access 24/7

In most cases, a booking form is located on the site’s homepage. This means users can start searching for the needed accommodation the second after they visit the website. Just a few clicks set you apart from examining suitable accommodation options. Obviously, a phone call with a hotel receptionist takes up a bit longer.

An online booking form allows users to reserve anytime, anywhere, and from any device. They are no longer dependent on hotel hours to reserve a hotel via call or wait until someone sends them a confirmation mail. The booking software has your back!

Automated Booking Process

Why bother things that can be automated? Most booking software (including BNBForms) will help you automate the following processes:

  • Booking sync with OTAs
  • Custom price rates (based on the season, length of stay, etc)
  • Tax & fee charges (included in a final price)
  • Email notifications (booking placement, cancelation, confirmation, etc.)
  • Booking management (status, detailed, history)
  • Booking & revenue stats

Great Experience

“When customers have a great experience, they’re willing to pay up to a 16% price premium.” – PwC.

Although the statement relates to actual customer experience during a hotel stay, the online CX carries the same idea. Users are likely to spend more on services providing a positive experience, even when it comes to browsing websites. With the hotel booking functionality, guests can book, pay online, and receive a confirmation email within 5 minutes only! The better the experience – the fewer risks of losing potential customers during the booking process.

One more bonus: when users enjoy the fast bookings, a transparent procedure & easy navigation, they are likely to tell about it. And as we all know, word of mouth is a powerful (and yet, free!) marketing instrument.

Maximized Reservations

When hotels follow a traditional reservation system, they encounter more no-shows. This is especially relatable for last-minute cancelations. When guests cancel their stay (via phone or email), hotels spend some time before they make accommodation available again. The hotel booking form automates the cancelation process. As soon as guests cancel their reservation, their spot becomes available almost instantly.

Another vital factor that can maximize reservations is the language. Some guests will not speak your language (or English), so booking via phone or email will be a real challenge. Most hotel booking systems come with the support of multiple languages. Ultimately, it helps you reach out to a wider customer base.

Maximized Revenue

Maximized reservations will lead you to maximized revenue. But the fact that you’re attracting more guests is not the only reason. Besides the actual vacation rental service, the engine is programmed to offer bookable extras. Spa, airport-to-hotel delivery, swimming pool, childcare – all of it can be reserved at extra cost through the booking form.

If guests can quickly add a few more services to their cart, they’ll likely do it. As soon as they arrive, they no longer have to worry about payments, while saving this energy for a fun & relaxed stay.

Reduced Operational Costs

Those doubting whether an online booking form is worth its price, here’s a bit of math calculations. How much does it cost you to manage bookings and calendars manually? Is it you or your employees that manage this task 24/7?

Now imagine that you have a hotel management system to take over these tasks for you. The monthly price of solutions like BNBForms costs less than a one-hour rate. Instead, you receive a complete tool that saves you hours of daily activities by one employee.

Increased Employee Efficiency

This happens when you delegate daily tasks to someone else, and it saves you time for more productive activities. Your employees no longer need to manage endless phone calls, communicate with guests via email, copy information to Excel documents, deal with spreadsheets for booking registers, and do other useless work. 

Now that your employees have more time for more important responsibilities. Perhaps, it’s time to rethink your customer service approach? Or maybe, you always wanted to rethink the business strategies? Use this time efficiently.

No Longer Tied To A Phone

Service via phone calls is turning into a thing of the past. Being tied to a phone is inefficient for a couple of reasons. First, customers depend on your working hours. Users make decisions super-fast, so if they choose to book a hotel at midnight and you can’t provide this option – they will go to your competitor. Second, if you don’t pick up the phone, customers may either call back later… or go to your competitor. Third, some users simply dislike human interaction. They feel stressed doing calls and would always prefer online bookings. 

Now, imagine how many guests you’re losing if you are still tied to a phone…

Personalized Customer Journey

90% of all travelers expect a personalized experience when they book a hotel.

Fortunately, online hotel booking engines provide one. One of the ways to ensure a personalized customer journey is the advanced filtering options. Users will be able to first browse through “Best” options based on set filters. It helps speed up the booking process.

When booking online, travelers need to fill in the minimal personal info and the system will automatically store it. Later on, the software uses this info to send users emails & newsletters with custom promo codes & discounts. Such personalized responses make clients feel special. With the automated booking system, you don’t have to worry whether you mixed up the names of guests, or forgot to write a reply.


Finally, a booking tool helps you stay 100% transparent in regards to your prices, taxes, options, fees, and other important aspects. Guests will know exactly what they pay for.

Final Word

Customer service starts the moment a user visits your website. If you strive for prosperity, high rating, and good revenues, an online booking form is a must-have. 

Even if you already have a booking form website, consider how well you organized the booking process. Is it fast & easy enough to give users what they want? 

When in doubt, try BNBForms (the first month is free). We can become your ultimate solution for accepting & managing bookings on any website!